Salute. Mom are the best…!!!

A lady was pregnant after 18 years of her marriage and she is my mom…

All the doctors have denied that it is not possible scientifically but she didn’t lose hope an done day god finally heard her prayers and fasts.

I was may be of 3 months in my mother’s womb and my father left her for another woman he fell for. All the uncles and aunties suggested her to abort meand try for remarriage but she firmly refused by saying that my baby has nothing do with what happened to me, Family members obviously opposed her decision and almost left her alone to survive.

She struggled through the pregnancy period as her placenta got down so she had to put his legs up higher to avoid complications, she managed it all by going at a government job started with rs-250 per month!! time came and she delivered the baby in hospital alone as they thought i don’t deserve to take birth due to my father’s did.

Started new course related to her job and tried to make my future better in every possible way. given the best education of school, college and life. completed my all the wishes and my up bringing was far way better than my other cousins as she always wanted me to be independent and thoughtful so i don’t need to face the consequences she faced.

She has almost sacrificed her whole damn life just to bring me up and today i am a lawyer, an avid writer, an entrepreneur and married to the guy she choose for me, i can drive cars, trucks, tractors, bikes and bus even, classical dancer from childhood, can make a very good chef quality delicious food, brown belt in karate, horse riding and swimming and what not… she made sure that i never lack in any subject of my life..

My mom never married again, concentrated all her strength and abilities to establish her girl child be the best from everyone.

Then i grew up and took the charge of home, and believe me we never felt that space without a ‘Man’.. she never actually let me feel that.. we both were completing each other and it was more than enough..

So here we are making a super delicious lemonade out of the lemons life gave us..

Show must go on..

PS : Whatever i am right now ever hope to be, i owe to you mom.. love you to the infinity and beyound.


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