Handwriting Analysis

✓Pressure you exert while writing

#Heavy- Deeply emotional person

#Light- Emotionally not expressive

✓Size of your letters

#Small- Good concentration, narrow perspective on life and better ability to focus on goals

Large- Broad perspective on life, hardly get bored

✓ Way of Handwriting slant

#Left- Introvert and independent

#Straight- Better at controlling emotions and hardly express them, usually prefers rational thoughts

#Right- This type of person is more likely to relate well to others but may subject to mood swings

✓Space in between letters

#Less- Bad at managing time, though likes to have company

#Even- Well sorted in life, good mental clarity and sense of order.

#Wide- Freedom lover, but don’t like to be overwhelmed

✓Direction of your sentence take

#Upward- Optimistic

#Downward- Sign of discouragement

#Wavy- Sign of instability

✓The way you cross your ‘t’

#High cross- High standard and self esteem

#Low cross- Low self esteem and low level goals

✓The way you dot your ‘i’

#Hollow dot(°)- Playful, creative

#Solid dot(•)- Don’t like clutter and pay attention to details.

✓Connections of letters

#Connected- Logical, methodical and make decisions carefully

#Not connected- Intelligent and intuitive

✓Line spacing

#Little spacing- Poor time management

#Even spacing- Aware of boundaries

Did you find it interesting? No, then ask your friend to check your knowledge by asking to do analysis of unknown person, and then check his reaction. I know these things since last 6 years and it had never been wrong analysis from me. It worked for me. I hope it will work for you too.1


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