Spider-Man: Homecoming Concept Art Shows New Suit’s Range of Expressions

Tom Holland will be capable of a whole range of emotions with his new mask as the titular hero of Spider-Man: Homecoming. This time around, Spider-Man’s suit is a lot different than in previous movies. In the past, Spider-Man always designed his own suit — sometimes with unintentionally hilarious results — but this time he’ll have a suit built for him by tech wizard Tony Stark (which was first debuted in Captain America: Civil War).

When Tony Stark builds you a suit it comes with a lot of features, including GPS tracking, web wings and upgraded web shooters. In addition to those changes, the mask also features “spider vision,” which gives Spidey’s eyes an expressiveness not seen in previous versions.

Fans already got a look at “spider vision” when Spider-Man made his appearance in Civil War, and fans of the comic books have noted that this was actually a faithful rendering of the mask as featured in the comics (as opposed to the frozen eyes seen in other Spider-Man films). This series of concept art images (via MCU News and Tweets) gives us another look at the range of expression Spider-Man’s new mask will afford him in Homecoming: everything from neutral to surprised to skeptical to ready-to-rumble.

The suit apparently is more than just a costume for Spider-Man in the new film but actually plays an integral part in fleshing out the relationship between Spidey and Tony Stark. When Stark gave Peter the suit in Civil War it was an expression of his faith in Peter’s ability, but in Spider-Man: Homecoming that faith is tested and Stark and Parker actually end up at each other’s throats and Stark takes back the suit. Peter is forced to fight Michael Keaton’s Vulture in a homemade suit.

Though Peter Parker’s efforts to create his own suits led to some great moments in prior Spider-Man films, it’s arguably more logical to have Tony Stark gift him a suit. Though Parker clearly is a smart young man, it never made a lot of sense that he could whip up such a great-looking suit on his own (unless you bought the idea that being bitten by a radioactive spider also gave him amazing sewing talents). That’s a plot hole that appears to be closed in the MCU.

The other advantage to a Tony Stark-created suit is that the audience will more easily buy the idea of eyes that can open and close and express various emotions. The lack of expressive eyes was arguably a hindrance in other Spider-Man movies, but this Spider-Man will be able to emote during his action scenes and more effectively draw the audience in. Having expressive mask-eyes certainly worked for Deadpool.

Spider-Man: Homecoming release date: Jul 7, 2017
Thor: Ragnarok release date: Nov 3, 2017
The Avengers: Infinity War release date: May 4, 2018
Black Panther release date: Feb 16, 2018
Ant-Man & The Wasp release date: Jul 6, 2018
Captain Marvel release date: Mar 8, 2019
The Avengers 4 / Untitled Avengers Movie release date: May 3, 2019Screenshot_2017-06-08-12-17-14-075.jpeg


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