Not To be Honest all Time..

A short story

A couple is driving…

Cop: Sir, you realize that you were speeding.

Husband: I am sorry officer, I didn’t know.

Wife: What the hell,that’s a lie I have been telling him for miles!!

Husband: Shut up!! No one is talking to you!!

Cop: Ok then, did you know that your license plate was expired?

Husband: No Officer, I didn’t know.

Wife: He’s again telling a lie!! I’ve been telling him for months!!

Husband: Shut the hell up! Nobody is talking to you!!!

Cop walks over to the wife’s side and says –

Cop: Mam, does he always talk to you this way?

Wife: No. Only when he’s drunk.



Moral of the Story

  1. It is not OK to be honest all the time.
  2. Beware of people who can’t speak lies at the right time



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