Always Believe In Yourself..


A Bird Sitting On A Tree 

Is Never Afraid Of The 

Branch Breaking,

Because Her Trust IS 

Not On The Branch But

On Her Own Wings.


Always pull yourself…


And once the storm is over, you

won’t remember how you made it 

through, how you managed to

survive. You won’t even be sure,

whether the storm is really over.

But once thing is certain. When you

come out of the storm, you won’t

be the same person who walked in.

That’s what this storm’s all about.

Don’t know me…

Nah, you don’t know me

Lightning above and a fire below me

You cannot catch me, cannot hold me

You cannot stop, much less control me

When it rains, it pours

When the floodgates open, brace your shores

That pressure don’t care when it breaks your doors

Say it’s all you can take, better take some more


‘Cause I know  what’s it like to test fate

Had my shoulders pressed with that weight

Stood up strong in spite of that hate


Night gets darkest right before dawn

What don’t kill you makes you more strong

And I been waiting for it so long

The nights go on

Waiting for a light that never comes

I chase the sun

Waiting for a light  that never comes



When a bird is alive..It eats Ants.

When the bird is dead..Ants eat the bird.

Time & Circumstances can change at any

time. Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life.

You may be powerful today. But remember.

Time is more powerful than you! One tree

make a million match sticks…Only one

match stick is needed to burn a million

trees…So be good and do good.


The Real dawn


1 wish for a day

When every girl would feel safer

walking on the streets

even in the darkest hours

and in her shortest pairs!


When everyone starts getting

three meals a day,

And will be able to spare

at least a bread for the needy!


When mankind is only the priority

And everyone gets help on the

road who is bleeding!


When inspite of spreading hatred

in the name of religion

we will make an attempt to understand it’s real meaning!

And that day my friend

I may call it the real dawn!